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An efficient prevention programme against sexual offences.

In response to alarming figures of reported rapes 113 a day and teenage pregnancies 271 deliveries a day.

Gender inequality

The female unemployment rate in South Africa has remained higher than that of their male counterparts. Read More

Violence in schools and in the community

There were 6 rapes at day care centres, 5 at special needs schools and tertiary institutions and 67 at schools. Read More


Adolescents represent a growing number of people living with HIV worldwide. Read More

The founder of I Protect Me (IPM), Monica Clarke- Bennett, responded on the incident following the violent death of Anene Booysen, by raising awareness through public media.

Every year gender-based violence(GBV) affects the lives of millions of people across South Africa. In fact, levels of GBV in SA are among the highest in the world

Intimate partner violence (IPV),Sexual violence Non-partner sexual violence According to a study conducted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation in 2016, the most vulnerable population groups at risk for violence are “younger women and coloured (mixed-race) women”. The report indicates that the number of coloured women reporting violence was 66%higher than African women, who follow coloured women in prevalence.

We are driven by values

Through teaching our core values we aim to eradicate the three issues plaguing South Africa and the rest of the world.

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