Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA) supports communities in many countries. SDIA and its member national organisations gave seed funding to start I Protect Me (IPM) in 2013, and they continue to support the training in South Africa. I PROTECT ME is an Associate Member of Susila Dharma International Association.

IPM follows the training method of Dolphin Anti-Rape and Aids Outreach, Nairobi, Kenya (Dolphin). In 2014 Dolphin sent four of their Master Trainers to Cape Town to train IPM Trainers their method of training in primary schools, which IPM still follows.

We work in collaboration with Wijs Weerbaar, Netherlands (WW). With our Extended Programme in secondary schools we follow the Resilience, Self-Defence and Stand-Your-Grund methods of Wijs Weerbaar.

The idea to start training self-defence in schools came from Taryn who, at the age of six years, gave tips to other children to keep themselves safe. See Safety Tips for Children by a Child